Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tag: 14 Random Questions

Hello Lacquer Luvers! I was tagged in a post over at Miss Lizzy O.'s blog, Do It Yourself, Lady... and thought this was great since I am just starting out with my blog and you girls can get to know a bit more about me =)

1. Theatre or cinema? Why?
I'll go with cinema since I haven't been to a live show in so long. The last movie I saw was Immortals & the last theatre show was West Side Story.

2. If you had to choose whether to invest your money into a great concert or some kind of commodity, which one would you choose?
Well, Merriam-Webster defines commodity as an economic good. Umm, does an iPad count for this? I'd pick that over a concert lol!

3. The most memorable concert you've ever attended?
I went to alot of concerts with my friend Kelly back in high school and college, I'd have to say Jay-Z & Friends was a great one! Good times, good times!

4. A movie or tv-series that always cheers you up?
I live for Comedy Wednesday & Modern Family! I wish this was a daily series instead of weekly, love it!

5. Nightstand book of the moment?
The Bible is on my nightstand. I have books I never get around to reading. I should pick that back up.

6. A Movie that you last saw?
Went to celebrate the Hubby's birthday this week and saw Immortals with him =)

7. How much do you follow trends?
Fashion trends? I wear what I want & how I feel that day but I am usually quite casual. I do like to see what is new out there, though. As for nails, I am always trying to stay in the know with the newest collections. Polish is my fashion!

8. Something that has been a hobby of yours for a long time
I like to make scrapbooks & take tons of photos of my family!

9. A drink that goes with a cozy evening?
Nothing like a hot cup of cocoa and marshmallows..add in some crushed peppermint and I'm in heaven!

10. Do you laugh a lot?
I do! My son always keeps me laughing! <3

11. If you could choose a decade to live in which one would it be? Why?
I would choose the 1940's because I love Victory Roll hairstyles, I really like vintage cars & clothing, too!

12. Is there a TV-show you watch regularly? If so, which one?
I watch the news every night..I!

13. Would you prefer a lying-on-the-beach-vacation or a vacation full of sightseeing?
I could live my life at the beach. I mean..

Doesn't get much better than that, right?

14. An idealistic climate for you?
I want to live somewhere where I can get all 4 seasons, I do love Miami though..minus the humidity!

Thank you Lizzy for tagging me in your post, this was fun! I'm tagging Jodi AKA Captivating Claws, Zarina AKA Marshee, Tamira AKA naudii beautii, Yamii AKA Yamiidoesnails & my partner in crime for the 10 Day Challenge I will be starting next week Kelly AKA Posh For Polish to take part in this fun, xo!



  1. Great to learn more about you!

    Oh That picture of the beach is awesome. Is it from one of your vacations?

    I need to read more books too, honestly. Lol...
    Oh and I love comedy wednesday on ABC too. Why didn't I mention that in my tag! Lol.. Modern family is hilarious!

  2. You're welcome Kelly! I can't wait to see your post =)

    Lizzy, that pic was taken this summer over at Haulover Beach. I live in South Florida & the beach is my absolute favorite place here. I got married at this beach, actually =) I am going to go pick a book out of my little collection and start reading again today.. Lol, yes! Modern Family is definitely my favorite show right now..I never miss an episode <3

  3. Oh that looks like such a pretty venue for a wedding! I bet your pictures and wedding was beautiful!

    Lucky you for living in Florida!