Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 7

Hello Lacquer Luvers & welcome to Day 7 of the 10 Day Challenge. Today's manicure theme is Favorite Freehand Nail Nail Art Design. I have always loved this freehand design and I hope that you all do, too! Not only was it simple and easy to do, this mani is so pretty and feminine & it's one that does not take many tools to complete.

My favorite freehand manicure is Japanese cherry blossoms. I have always loved seeing tutorials of this manicure on youtube and have seen other bloggers do it as well. Each time I say, "I'm going to do that one day.." but never gotten around to it so today was the perfect opportunity for me =)

I began my cherry blossom mani with a coat of OPI Nail Envy & 2 coats of Bettina Ocean. Ocean is such a gorgeous blue-green color, it reminds me so much of the beautiful beaches here & provided a nice base for my nail art to pop. Next, I used a nail art striper brush and some brown acrylic paint to create some branches for my cherry blossoms. I used Bettina Pink Bikini and a dotting tool from BornPrettyStore for the pink part of the blossoms and Bettina Matte which is white cream perfection along with my dotting tool for the petals of the blossoms. This manicure was topped with fast dry top coat by Seche Vite.

I love this manicure for so many reasons. It's very easy to do, it reminds me of one of my dream vacation places (Japan) & the colors work so well together! Would you girls ever wear this manicure? What's your favorite freehand design? Don't forget to go over to Posh For Polish & take a look at Kelly's, who is doing this challenge with me, freehand nail art for this challenge! As always, I hope you all liked this post my dear Lacquer Luvers and I look forward to sharing tomorrow's post with you, xo!



  1. These are so pretty! They turned out absolutely perfect(:

  2. i like this mani i can def see how this would remind you of japan tho <3 the colors are vibrant i like that for japan =]

  3. This is gorgeous. Oh Jessica, your freehanding skills is amazing!

  4. Beautiful, I love cherry blossoms!

  5. Looks fantastic. Better than when I tried to do it.