Friday, February 17, 2012

Today I am a Gothic Lolita!

Hello Lacquer Luvers! I hope you all are having a fantastic Friday! In my post yesterday I asked which of the polishes Ty got me you all would like to see next on the blog. Today's post is of my first reader request which came from Ms. Lizzy O. who said she'd like to see Gothic Lolita and that it was on her wish list. I received another request for Sinful's Cinderella from Ms. Val Greeley so you can expect to see that one in my next post =).

Gothic Lolita is part of China Glaze's 12 pc. Electropop Collection. This beauty is a medium red-toned purple that has some red and blue shimmer in it. The shimmer is so fine that it only comes out to play in the right lighting but once it appears you can instantly see the depth it adds to this color.

My mani today began with a base of Essie Grow Faster. Next I applied two coats of Gothic Lolita. I've read a few reviews on this one, some said it was runny, others said it was a bit on the thick side. My bottle, however, did not have any of these issues. I felt that the formula was really great & application was effortless. All I needed was two coats to reach full opacity. I instantly fell in love with this color the second it reached my nails!

For nail art, I wanted to cater to this polish's name. At first, I googled Gothic Lolita and spent about an hour in amazement at the fashion (click on the "googled" link to see what I mean). If you know me personally, you know that Japan is on the top of my destination places I would like to visit. The Gothic Lolita style is definitely something I imagine that would be seen as street-wear over there. I then googled "Gothic Lolita purple" and found my inspiration pic (see below).

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I used Konad's M57 image plate for the corset look. Nothing says gothic, to me, like black roses so I used image plate M73 from a set that I purchased over on Both of these images were stamped onto my nails using Konad Special Stamping Polish in black. I used Scotch tape and WetNWild's Ebony Hates Chris for my black french tips. This manicure was topped with Essie's Good To Go topcoat.

I had a little accident where I bumped my middle finger and caused it to smudge & couldn't stand to look at it which is why I didn't post a close-up shot of my entire mani like I normally do. It's not really -that- bad but I just couldn't stand it lol! Otherwise, I'm loving this manicure. I think it would be perfect for a Gothic Lolita! What do you all think luvs? I'm really excited to show you all my next reader request color, Sinful Colors Cinderella, in my next post. As always, I hope you all liked this post my dear Lacquer Luvers and I look forward to sharing my next post with you, xo!



  1. Omg I'm in love with your nails & this design Mani plus purple is my Fav color!! =) "Amazing"

  2. This is beautiful! I love the Roses on your accent nail.

    Thanks for putting my suggestion into consideration and making this post.
    Now I Know I MUST get Gothic Lolita. She's beautiful... :-)

  3. So gorgeous! I love the stamping that you chose! I'm supposed to get Gothic Lolita in the mail tomorrow, I am beyond excited!!

  4. wow i really love the design its soo pretty!! and the color is fabb

  5. You did an amazing job...lovin' this manicure :D

  6. I am loving this beyond all reason! Totally beautiful!

  7. Gothic Lolita is so gorgeous!! Love the stamping!