Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Fang-tastic Skittlette

Hello Lacquer Luvers! I hope you guys are all doing well and are getting ready to have a great weekend! Today I have a fun post that happens to be my first Halloween manicure of 2013 I share with you all. I hope it'll get your ideas going if you haven't thought of your Halloween mani yet.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not at all one of those girls that is into vampire movies or TV shows but when it comes to Halloween one of the first things I think of (besides the obvious pumpkins, witches, & candy corn) is Dracula and his fangs. For whatever reason, fangs have always intrigued me. I'm not sure whether it's because they're kinda scary looking or just different. In any case, I knew this year I wanted to try to replicate a fang mani that I've seen done a few times in other blogs and floating around instagram.

My fang-tastic skittlette began with a base of Essie Feed Me followed by two coats each of the following: Zoya Chyna, Raven & Purity. I used Zoya Livingston to create the blood splatter on my middle finger. The splatter was done by dipping one end of a drinking straw into Livingston and blowing short quick puffs of air through the opposite end to blow the polish onto my nail. There's one coat of SHXW Rosey Shooter on my index finger over Raven. Rosey Shooter is a red and white glitter topper with various sizes of hex and bar glitter. 

fangs were created using the stamping decal method. I put some clear polish on a sandwich baggy and once it dried I stamped on the lips from Bundle Monster's BM303 stamping plate in white. I used the end of a toothpick dipped in Livingston to fill in red and used Purity to draw my fangs. Not too shabby but my hands were obviously very shakey which is why I don't freehand much. Overall, I am really happy with how this manicure turned out. What do you think? Have you thought about what will be on your tips for Halloween? As always, I hope you all enjoyed this post my dear Lacquer Luvers and I look forward to sharing my next post with you, xo!


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