Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Bettina!!!!

Hello Lacquer Luvers! Today is a very special day, it's Bettina's 50th Birthday!!! I know that to some of us Bettina is a very new company but contrary to popular belief they have been around quite some time now. Bettina started off as M&J INC and eventually evolved into the company we have all grown to love, better known as Bettina. Today I wanted to honor and celebrate one of my all-time favorite cosmetic brands and I hope you all like the festive manicure that I came up with!

As most of you who have been with me on this blogging journey from the beginning know, I absolutely love the formula of Bettina's nail polishes. They are my go-to for water marbling. I have had nothing but amazing outcomes when using their polishes with techniques so it's no surprise I chose to slow off their fabulousness today. 

My manicure began with 2 coats of Bettina Sand Blast. Sand Blast is a gorgeous grey creme, one of my favorites in my entire collection. I then used Sand Blast, 190 (pink) & Ocean (turquoise-ish) for my water marbled design and topped it off with Orion. Bettina Orion is a sheer pink, aqua, & silver shimmer polish that can be used in 3 coats on its own or used as a shimmer topper. I created a gradient on my accent finger using Sand Blast, 190, & Ocean then applied one coat of Laquerlicious Glamorously Sassy. One that dried, I used Cult Nails Tempest and BM307 to add the cupcake and dipped the end of a toothpick into 190 & Ocean for sprinkles. My mani was complete with a coat of the best topcoat ever,  HK Girl!

I am so happy with how this festive manicure turned out! It made me realize just how much I adore this company. Their colors are all gorgeous and the formula is by far one of the best there is out there. I'm lucky enough to live in Miami where I can easily find this brand in stores but for those of you who are not here or Puerto Rico you can easily obtain Bettina nail polish and other cosmetic goodies by emailing them at HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY BETTINA!!! As always, I hope you all enjoyed this post my dear Lacquer Luvers and I look forward to sharing my next post with you, xo!! 



  1. You and me both for Bettina polishes being water marble fabulous! I truly rely on Bettina, OPI and China Glaze to make my water marbling look nice.

  2. That cupcake accent nail is sooo cute!

  3. I had no idea Bettina has been around for so long. I love, love, love this mani!!!