Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust Collection Swatches & Review (picture heavy)

Hello Lacquer Luvers! Today I get to share swatch photos and my review of the highly anticipated Zoya 2013 Summer Pixie Dust Collection! Ever since Zoya announced that there would be summer pixies I have been daydreaming of what the colors would be and Zoya, as usual, did not let me down. These are stunning shades that are absolute perfection for the season! Have a look:

Solange: A golden yellow metal foil that sparkles and shines as the sun hits it. This one is a beauty! The color is more accurate in my macro shot as the sun was washing it a bit out in the other photo. 2 coats, no base/top coat.

Beatrix: The tangerine metal that stole my heart! This gorgeous shade reminded me of my daughter's namesake (Gabrielle) with some sugary texture sprinkled in by the Zoya fairies! It was love at first sight for me and Beatrix. 2 coats, no base/top coat.

Destiny: Coral metal with a sugared sparkle. Coral has been everywhere this Spring and it makes its reappearance in the summer with this pretty little lady. Destiny was so juicy looking, even with it's textured finish! So, so pretty! 2 coats, no base/top coat.

Miranda: Rose colored and sugary textured with a jelly-ish finish, too! Miranda surprised me with her beauty, my photos really do her no justice. 2 coats, no top/base coat.

Stevie: Violet and silver sugary shimmer! Stevie is such a pretty shade of lavender. 2 coats, no base/top coat.

Liberty: Electric blue matte glitter with a textured sparkle! Liberty was like magic, just look at that macro! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! 2 coats, no base/top coat.

I received this collection for review yesterday and couldn't wait to get up this morning to swatch it for you guys! It is so much prettier in person than I could have ever imagined. The squishiness of Destiny and the luxuriousness of Solange make them the winners for me, although they really were all winners in my book. Liberty, as stunning as she is, did leave some staining however. So if you're a french manicure kind of girl you might want to steer clear from her. Zoya Pixie Dust polishes retail for $9 and can be purchased at Zoya's website. As always, I hope you all liked this post my dear Lacquer Luvers and I look forward to sharing my next post with you, xo!


**These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.**


  1. *drooools* the close ups are to die for!!! Miranda, stevie & liberty are my fave of this collection!

  2. Aww thank you! I think my macro lens was the greatest little purchase I've made in a while =)

  3. gorgeous swatches! you make me want them all!

    1. Thank you love! The Zoya fairies really outdid themselves with these!

  4. Your Swatches are so clean & beautiful.

  5. I looooooooooooove the colors...they look amazing on you. xo