Friday, July 20, 2012

Zoya Diva Collection for NYFW 2012 (swatches and review)

Hello Lacquer Luvers! Today I have swatch photos and a review to share with you of Zoya's Diva Collection for NYFW 2012. This gorgeous collection contains 6 metallic shades that are perfect for Fall. All of my swatches were done with base coat and no top coat. The number of coats varied so I'll let you know how many I used along with the color description below. These photos were taken in natural light.

Elisa: Crimson red metallic. This beauty is gorgeous! Zoya is doing me in and making me really like red polish. Unfortunately, the sun was so bright it washed out some of the metallic in this baby. 2 coats.

Suri: Royal purple metallic. This purple is really special. It has some red and blue sparklies in it. So pretty! 2 coats.

Song: Egyptian blue metallic with a subtle sparkle. Now this, THIS is a blue! The sparkle in it is lovely. 1 coat (that's right, ONE coat!).

Ray: Pine green metallic. This is a blackened green. It's a little frosty. Reminds me of Christmas trees =) 2 coats.

FeiFei: Magic blue foil metallic sparkle. So, you know you have something special when you text a friend in the middle of swatching and the text reads "OMG FeiFei is like unicorns, puppies, cupcakes, and rainbows in a bottle! It's magical!"

So amazing I had to add another photo! I can't even tell you how many shades of glitter are in this. It's seriously stunning! 3 coats.

Daul: Magic violet foil sparkle metallic. This is another stunner! The gold sparkle and shade of purple here remind me of royalty. Love love love it!

Yes, she deserved another photo, too! Isn't she lovely? 3 coats.

I knew when I looked at this collection that I would love specific colors but did I expect to fall in love with each of them when I put them on? No, I did not! It was such a pleasant surprise. The must-have's for this collection are Song, FeiFei and Daul. The formula on these were fantastic. This collection will be available mid-July and retails for $8.00 per 0.5oz bottle on I would love to know which colors you look forward to from this collection and what you think of it as a whole! Up next is the Gloss Collection. As always, I hope you all liked this post my dear Lacquer Luvers and I look forward to sharing my next post with you, xo!


**This collection was sent to me to review.**


  1. Gahh! Zoya is amazing. I can't wait to have my own Zoya polishes.

  2. I really like Daul, it reminds me of OPI's 'Its My Year'.. I love that colour so much!!!


  3. Damn... This is a collection I can't give up on! I will have it. Eventually LOL
    Thanks for amazing swatches and a great review!!

  4. Oh wow, FeiFei is a stunner!

  5. wow i really like alll of them! theyre all soo prettyy!!