Friday, November 15, 2013

Get Ready For Loaded Lacquer!

Hello Lacquer Luvers! It's such a special day today. I had the absolute pleasure and honor of swatching polishes for a company set to debut in just a few hours! Loaded Lacquer just might be the next line you start setting alarms for come restock time. Just check out my swatches of 4 lovely glitter bombs for yourselves below!

First up, we have The Dog Ate My Homework which might take a few of you back to childhood memories. This glitter bomb is jam packed with shreds, hexagonal, square and circle glitter that are black, white, green, grey and iridescent. The Dog Ate My Homework is abstractly reminiscent of shredded paper across a lawn or yard.

I put 1 coat of TDAMH over 2 coats of Bettina Concrete. Loaded Lacquer's are, as the name implies, loaded with glitter. These aren't the type of polishes where you have to fish for glitter or worry about placement as the brushes are nice and hold a generous amount of polish on them. However, to get a uniform look with all of these mani's and avoid any clumps of glitter, I did give one side of the brush a good wipe on the bottles. All of these swatches were topped with 1 cost of Seche Vite.

Next we have Fluffy Macaroons, a polish that's even sweeter than it's name! This beauty has a whimsical array of pastel and iridescent glitter that range in shape from hexagonal to square. There's light/dark pink, light/dark yellow, white, & mint glitter through and through but the periwinkle glitter in it just makes my heart skip a few beats! I love this so very much! Here she is 1 coat over 3 coats of Essie Turquoise and Caicos.

Oxygen Bar is up next and she is truly beautiful. This lovely contains hot pink, blue, purple, periwinkle and iridescent glitter. Again, the amount of glitter in these are very generous. This is one coat of Oxygen Bar over 3 coats of Zoya Heather.

Last but not least we have Captain Obvious. This baby is full of pink, blue and purple medium sized hexes with coordinating small hexes in the range colors. There's some iridescent glitter that reflects a light green color, too! Simple but oh so pretty! Shown below is 2 coats of China Glaze Recycle and 1 coat of Captain Obvious. 

Loaded Lacquer is set to debut today at 9:00am Central Time. Full sized bottles will be available at 15mL for $10 each. These gorgeous glitter bombs are 3-Free and will make for some wonderful stocking stuffers! Orders over $50 will receive free shipping and Loaded Lacquer ships internationally to Canada, UK, Japan, Israel, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Finland and Ireland. International orders over $50 are given a $5 shipping discount. So Lacquer Luvers, what do you all think? Are you guys loving these as much as I am? Set your alarm fit 9:00am CT & make sure you head over to to see the other polishes Heather will have in stock today!


  1. These are really pretty glitters. Great swatches as always hon!

  2. I like the first one! both the polish and the name =)

  3. Love love love these polishes and love the CLOSE UPS even more omg! My fave of the bunch is def oxygen bar, and the dog ate my homework just for the name! But omg the close ups!