Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome, Little Gabrielle! (Guest Post by Lillibit)

Lovely Lacquer Luvers,

My name in the blogosphere is Lillibit and I have a little Spanish blog called "Lillibit´s Nail Art World". 
I am soooo excited to be here!!!  I'm honoured that Jessica was so sweet to ask me to Guest Post and I am very happy to show you the manicure I´ve designed for this occasion.
I needed to come up with something special for her... something meaningful. So I thought nothing could be more special for her these days than Gabrielle´s birth. That is why this is a manicure inspired by and devoted to little Gabrielle :-)

Welcome, little Gabrielle!

I used two different base colours:
- Two coats of a Claire´s pink polish on the index and ring fingers. You´ll see below the cute bottle, which came in a set with two other beautiful shades.
- Two coats of Yes Love 337, plus one coat of Kiko 205. Then I topped with Yes Love L06 round the images. For the details in blue I used Kiko 267.

Let me explain you the meaning of this manicure:

On my middle finger we have baby Gabrielle´s face ;-) stamped from plate T28 using Beautiful Scratchers´ ice rose.
On my index and ring fingers I stamped the image with baby´s bottles and hearts from BM307 using Essence´s 001 Stamp me! white . They represent all the love and care she is going to receive from her loving family.

On my thumb I stamped a baby´s rattle from plate SdP35. It symbolises all the games and joy she´s having.
Finally, on my pinky I stamped the candy from plate BM322 . With it, I´d like to wish her all the sweetest things on the world.

As you can see, I always make complete manicures by painting both hands´ nails with the same design:

Here you can see all the instruments I used:

1. Prebase: Mavala 002
2. Yes Love 337
3. Kiko 205
4. Claire´s pink polish (sorry, I can´t find the reference number in the bottle)
5. Image plate SdP35
6. Image plate T28
7. Image plate BM307
8. Image plate BM322
9. Essence´s 001 Stamp me! white
10. Beautiful Scratchers´ ice rose
11. Kiko 267
12. Yes Love L06
13. Top coat: Seche Vite

I hope you like baby Gabrielle´s manicure :-) I had so much fun creating it. I think manicures where each nail has a different look are fun.
And a huge thanks goes to the lovely Jessica for letting me share this with all of you.


Lillibit, this is the most adorable manicure I've seen in ages! I love that you made it so personal and kept  my little Princess in mind. I love the colors you used and the stamping is perfect. Thank you so much for this post and giving me a hand as I steal lots of snuggles from Gabby! Lacquer Luvers, please head on over to Lillibit's blog and check out more of her work! She really is awesome =)


  1. Dear Jessica, it was really a pleasure to make this manicure devoted to your little girl.
    I'm soooo happy you like it! Thanks for thinking of me for this Guest Post :-)
    All the best for you and your little baby :-*

  2. Very very appropriate mani. Gorgeous!!! Awww.. the nail art on the pictures are a nice touch too. Well done Lillibit. Gabby is so loved.

    I LOVE IT! :-)

  3. Thanks so much, Lizzy O.!! I invite you to visit my blog to see my manicures. You'll be welcomed!

  4. I like,,,,,,,is beautifull,,,,,congratulation lillibi's,,,,,