Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Retro 80's Neon Splatter!!

Hello Lacquer Luvers! Today I have a pretty cool post to share with you. Lately I have been seeing neon colors everywhere. Shoes, handbags, shirts, you name it! Everytime I see these bright colors it reminds me of my childhood for some reason. I'm an 80's baby. You know, that time period where everything rocked! =) I always think of seeing bright neon legwarmers and wayfarer glasses and it just puts me in a happy place. Well today, I'm taking it back with a retro-80's inspired manicure.

First, I would like to point out that these pictures do not do the colors of this manicure any justice. They are so much more vibrant than what my camera could pick up. Anywho, my mani began with a base of Essie Grow Faster. I then used 2 coats of Bettina Matte nail polish. Using a white base really makes any neon polish pop.

Next I applied two coats of China Glaze Celtic Sun. This polish is literally like a yellow highlighter marker. Super bright and in your face.

Once that dried, I began to use the splatter technique using a straw. I poured small amounts of polish onto the back of an old magazine (I wouldn't use paper for this as it would just soak up the polish; the shiny surface of the magazine doesn't do that). The polish colors I used for my splatter are China Glaze Pool Party (neon pink), KleanColor Neon Orange (name says it all) & Bettina Matte (white). I dipped the end of the straw into the polish and blew short quick puffs into the opposite end of the straw which then splatters the polish onto your nails. I topped this manicure off with a coat of Color Club top coat.

L-R: Bettina Matte, CG Celtic Sun, CG Pool Party, KleanColor Neon Orange

I got so many compliments on this mani while I was at the Dr.'s office yesterday. My nurse asked me if they were nail stickers and was really surprised when I told her it was all nail polish and that I always do my own nails. I think this is such a fun technique and can be done with a variety of different color combinations. This would definitely be awesome to rock if you were planning to dress up like someone from the 80s for Halloween or just a very fun look for a day at the beach. I would love to know what you think of this manicure so please leave a comment below. As always, I hope you all liked this post my dear Lacquer Luvers and I look forward to sharing my next post with you, xo!