Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blue Water Marble for Autism Awareness

Hello Lacquer Luvers! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Yesterday it rained and rained and rained some more so we rented a few movies, cuddled up in the living room and had a really relaxing time. It was awesome! The sun is attempting to peek through today which is nice because my flower bed took a beating from those downpours. Today I have a blue water marble to share with you guys. Let's get on to it, shall we?

I began this manicure with a base of Essie Grow Faster. Once that dried, I applied two coats of Sinful Colors Cinderella as my base color for the marble. Usually I use my Jordana french polish because it is sheer and allows the base color to peek through. Today I used Bettina French 3 and Sinful Colors Midnight Blue.

I didn't realize that Bettina French 3 was so much more opaque than the Jordana french polish. So, as you can see, Cinderella did not peek through. That's okay, though, I think this marble still has plenty blue in it & it also reminded me of how much a learning process water marbling is.

Because I tried to repeat the same design on each nail for this manicure, I wanted to talk a little about repetitive behaviors and Autism. Repetition is a core symptom of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and includes a variety of behaviors such as hand-flapping, rocking, jumping and twirling, arranging and rearranging objects, and repeating sounds, words, or phrases. My son has grown out of the hand-flapping and rocking, however, he still exhibits these other behaviors on a daily basis. I found this sentence on the Autism Speaks website to be extremely true in my household: "These extreme interests can prove all the more unusual for their content (e.g. fans, vacuum cleaners or toilets) or depth of knowledge (e.g. knowing and repeating astonishingly detailed information about Thomas the Tank Engine or astronomy)." Tyus can tell you who every single train is on Thomas and repeats what they say. The Thomas trains are his absolute favorite toys and he knows the names and functions of each and every one of them.

I want to try another blue water marble before the month finishes to share with you all. I hope you guys are enjoying all of my blue manicures. If you haven't already, you should check out my 2012 Autism Awareness Contest for your chance to show off your pretty blue nails and win three blue nail polishes! The contest ends in 5 days (April 27th) & I would love to add more entries to the amazing one's that I've received thus far. What do you all think of this blue water marble? I would love to read any comments you may have for me so please leave them below. As always, I hope you all liked this post my dear Lacquer Luvers and I look forward to sharing my next post with you, xo!



  1. lovely! blue suits you very well

  2. pretty! it reminds me of those water drop pictures that have some sort of inspiration quote underneath

  3. beautiful. havent tried a water marble yet but I hope it looks as good as yours!

  4. Lovely!!! It's so simple yet beautiful

  5. This is one of the most beautiful water marbles I have ever seen!

  6. So awesome! I really need to work on my marble technique. Yours is fantastic!

  7. Beautiful mani My lady!

    SO Gorgeous!!

  8. You are so good at marbling. It's beautiful!

  9. It's just amazing!
    And talking about autism.
    I don't have any friend whit autism yet but i have deaf friends, i think in nowadays whit all the tecnologies and the divulgation, those people are still put from side because they're diferent.
    I see from my friends, most of the time they closed them selfs into circles of deaf person because arent understood or descriminated. They are soo friendly, when im down they ask me whats wrong and most of my other friends dont care, when i pass by them they hugg me talk things that if needed the others don't do.
    What im trying to say its we must over whit the indifference.
    i know isnt about autism but we should look around us.
    (sorry for my english, but i think if good enought to express my feelings)

    1. I 100% agree. It's a shame that after all these years, and all that we have overcome as the human race we still find ways to discriminate and push those who are different to the side. I judge nobody based on appearance, disabilities, race, religion, etc. The only thing I judge is a nasty attitude and even then, I keep my thoughts to myself and just let that person be.
      Your English is great! I'm very happy to have you as a reader. It warms my heart to know that there are such lovely people who follow me. I'm sure your friends feel just as lucky to have you as you are to have them <3

    2. Ohh thanks.
      Was hard in the beggining but worth. Two positive sides good friends and i have learn a new language.

  10. Thank you so much everyone! I love to water marble, it's one of my most favorite types of nail art. If you are interested, check out Colette's youtube channel. I credit all that I know about water marbling to her =)

  11. Gorgeous! I have not marbled in the longest time, lol!!